Fresh food fast: Farm to Fork delivers locally sourced foods |

Fresh food fast: Farm to Fork delivers locally sourced foods

Want fresh food — that's not pizza — delivered to your front door? Enter Farm to Fork, Steamboat's newest locally sourced food delivery service.

The brainchild of Charlie Preston-Townsend, the company sources food from area ranches and farms and then delivers it to the doorstep of local restaurants and residents.

"My goal is to be a sort of Cisco for small scale producers within the area," says Preston-Townsend, who makes the deliveries out of his VW wagon. "It's a way for residents and restaurants to get locally sourced food delivered right to their doorstep."

So far, he's filling orders for such dining establishments as Harwig's, Cugino's and Wild Plum, with more signing up monthly. He also has a growing business delivering food to residents also keen to take advantage of his service.  

"People are very receptive to the idea of sourcing locally," he says. "Knowing where your food comes from provides a level of familiarity that isn't available from the conventional market."  

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Farm to Fork delivers beef, pork, chicken, lamb, elk and buffalo from such suppliers as Whaley Lamb Co., Yampa Valley Beef, Tender Belly Pork and Boulder Natural Meats. "All these suppliers take a more holistic approach to food production, shifting from purely economic measures of success to a focus on the health of each component of the system along the way," Preston-Townsend says, adding that his Healthy Meat membership lets customers receive monthly or bimonthly meat packages, in either small or large bundles. "We strive to provide top-quality, locally raised products from growers concerned about animal welfare, environmental health, and above all, good food. There are many great products available from our neighbors in northern Colorado."

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