Frank Roitsch: Routt County deserves thanks |

Frank Roitsch: Routt County deserves thanks

I would like to thank the county commissioners and road and bridge for having one-fourth mile of asphalt added on Routt County Road 78 as it goes around a curve while it goes up a hill after leaving C.R. 76 at the top of the "Cog.”

The asphalt's smooth surface contributes much to the safety of the curve and hill compared to the washboard that formed if too long went between grading. I once picked up a young stranger who had just rolled his Bronco II while in this washboard curve going downhill.

The asphalt will make it easier to clear this area of drifted snow, again improving safety. Now people can drive on their side of the road rather than weaving around searching for a smoother path.

Thanks again from the residents who travel this curve daily and visitors with boats and campers going to Elkhead Reservoir for this very nice improvement.

Frank Roitsch


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