Frank Powers: Peaceful hike often interupted by ‘need-for-speed’ mountain bikers |

Frank Powers: Peaceful hike often interupted by ‘need-for-speed’ mountain bikers

It is interesting, to say the least, how the perceived threat to wildlife from off-leash dogs garners so much time and attention from our civic leaders while the threat to humans from “off-leash” downhill mountain bikers is effectively ignored.

As a frequent user of Spring Creek Trail, I’m concerned that despite the newly constructed downhill-only bike trails from the top to bridge 6 and bridge 5 to “the sign,” too many downhill bikers maintain the “need for speed” on the shared portion from the sign down to the trailhead. 

While all the posted signs show that bikers yield to horses and hikers, too many bikers seem too think they have the right of way, often fail to announce their presence and rarely slow to a safe speed when passing hikers from behind.

A startled hiker is unpredictable, increasing the potential for a collision. My relaxing hike is anything but as I’m constantly checking behind me hiking down the trail. 

While I recognize enforcement of “right-of-way” rules is problematic at best, if not practically impossible, it would be nice to see our authorities put at least as much effort into addressing this issue as they do to the issue of off-leash dogs.

Frank Powers

Steamboat Springs

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