Franco Funicello: Steamboat is a ski town |

Franco Funicello: Steamboat is a ski town

In response to the wonderful picture of Jonah Lake placed on the front page of Steamboat Today on Aug. 2, it reminds us of the solitude that Colorado still holds for us all in response to "Tourism impacts," "Traffic 'over the top" and "Growth overwhelming" letters.

Thank you, the photographer, for reminding everyone what Colorado is about. We can all still find our place somewhere on the millions of public acres available to not just Coloradans, but all Americans and all those who would like to see and experience our splendid country.

Thank you, letters to the editor writers for expressing your concerns. Please visit a town called Telluride for the purpose of experiencing a two-lane road, one way in and one way out, old mining town converted to ski town, now exploding with the most festivals of any ski town in the entire state.

Franco Funicello

Steamboat Springs

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