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Forever Young

Local musicians join vocalist Kip Strean for encore Neil Young tribute show

Erin Gleason

— Just because it’s over doesn’t mean it can’t be redone.

Tonight and Saturday, the Easy Peaces will return to Steamboat Mountain Theater for another Neil Young Tribute concert.

“We want the audience to feel like they’ve gone back and are hearing Neil Young’s music live,” Easy Peaces guitarist and vocalist Kip Strean said. “We’re trying to recreate the feeling of his live show.”

Strean was a part of the John Denver Tribute show last summer in Steamboat, as well as the first Neil Young Tribute in February. The February show rocked to a sold-out Steamboat Mountain Theater, much like the success of Strean’s previous tribute shows.

“It was such a hit the first go-around,” Strean said. “We decided to bring it back and see how an encore show goes.”

The original tribute featured songs spanning the decades of Young’s career, from his Buffalo Springfield days to music off his most recent album, “Prairie Winds,” which was released in September 2005.

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“It’s helpful having the experience of the first show this time,” Strean said. “We’re sticking, for the most part, to the original format, but we’re able to throw in a few surprises.”

Local musicians, including vocalist Laura Lamun, keyboardist Ed Dingledine, drummer Dave Allen, bassist Willie Samuelson, steel guitarist Scott Denniston and Trevor Potter on harmonica, will join Strean on stage.

“They’re my dream team,” Strean said about the Easy Peaces. “I was just lucky when such talented musicians decided to be a part of this tribute.”

The show, spanning two nights, will cover roughly 25 to 30 songs in two sets.

“It’s really about bringing everyone back to that era,” Strean said. “Sure, we see a lot of baby boomers in the audience, but also a great cross section of age groups.”

In addition to the concert, a slideshow will run throughout the set, featuring photos of Neil Young in concert around the world.

“It’s really a multimedia show. That’s what’s so unique about this venue – its intimacy with the audience,” Strean said. “You don’t really get that with the bar scene.”

Tonight’s show begins at 8 p.m.; doors open at 7:30 p.m.