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For more than 20 years, Old Town Pub has been offering burgers and other fare to Steamboat residents. This year, the restaurant was recognized for having the city’s best hamburger in the 2001 Best of the ‘Boat competition.

Manager Stites McDaniel said there’s an easy recipe for developing a great hamburger “Practice, practice, practice, and consistency,” he said.

Head chef Mike Torello, makes three different kinds of burgers. The first is the classic half-pound burger grilled to perfection, the second is the buffalo burger, and the third is the veggie burger.

When it came to picking the restaurant with the best delivery service, Steamboat residents picked the store known nationally for its pizza delivery. Domino’s has been offering pizza delivery in Steamboat since 1986.

Today, Domino’s offers pizza, chicken wings, bread sticks, cinnamon sticks, and drinks for delivery. Manager Brian Lansford said the store generally has about five delivery people working on any given night. That can change during the Christmas holidays, Lansford said, when the store is often flooded by “Tourist Pizza.”

When it comes to serving food, locals turned to Steamboat veterans. The title of best waiter went to Daryl Newcomb of Cafiva, and the best waitress was Karen Jimmerson of Steamboat Brewery & Tavern. The best bartender was Glen Goldstein of La Montana.

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