Focus on Fitness: Take workouts to the next level with TRX Resistance Training |

Focus on Fitness: Take workouts to the next level with TRX Resistance Training

Rebecca Williams/For Steamboat Pilot & Today

Has a flashy yellow and black strap hanging in the gym caught your eye? It’s called TRX — which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise — Suspension Trainer, and while there are other brands of  resistance training tools, for this article, we’ll focus on the benefits of this extremely popular and versatile piece of equipment that can deliver powerful results.

They can be found anchored to the ceiling, attached to a cable machine or used in the doorway of your own home. TRX Suspension Trainer utilizes your own body weight, while working against gravity to complete total body exercises.

TRX is an all-encompassing piece of equipment that lets you work on strength training and stability while utilizing your core to complete all movements and improve flexibility, endurance, power, balance and core strength. The level of difficulty for all movements can be easily changed by the user by adjusting where their body is located in comparison to the anchor on the suspension straps.

Each individual can adjust how much they rely on the straps when performing simple movements. For example, when working with a client who had a full knee replacement, I often will have them use the TRX straps to provide extra stability while allowing them to challenge their body at the same time. A great way to ease back into doing a simple squat is by keeping your hands on the TRX handles to perform your squat. This allows your body to relearn the movement while having some support from the straps during the entire progression of the squat.

Don’t let the TRX Suspension Trainer fool you into thinking that it can only be used to perform modified and supported movements. TRX can be used to help athletes take their performance to the next level. Have you tried a TRX burpee? Talk about a challenge. First, start by practicing holding a plank with your feet in the TRX straps. You can gradually progress to a floating plank, where one foot is in the TRX strap and the other foot is floating along side it — all while holding your plank position. You will quickly discover your abs as you work to stabilize in this position. From here, you can make many progressions, including a TRX burpee which involves keeping one foot in the TRX straps at all times.

The options are endless with the TRX Suspension Trainer. If you are feeling burnt out in your current workout routine or feel as if you have hit a plateau, give TRX a try. It is a quick way to mix things up and can deliver some serious results.

If you’re looking to add TRX training to your workout routine, personal trainers at Old Town Hot Springs can show you the ropes.

Rebecca Williams is a personal trainer and fitness instructor at Old Town Hot Springs.

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