Focus on Fitness: Just add water and shake |

Focus on Fitness: Just add water and shake

Jodi Glaisher/For Steamboat Today

Summer is in full swing in Steamboat.

With the temperatures hovering in the high 80s, the pool becomes a natural place to gravitate to. If lap swimming seems boring or daunting to you, give aqua fitness classes a try. They are a fun and safe way to beat the heat and get a workout.

Aqua exercise is beneficial for people of all ages and abilities. The buoyant force of the water on your body lessens the impact and stress on knees and backs. At the same time, the water provides natural resistance, which means every step is more challenging and helps to tone and strengthen.

The Aquatic Exercise Association suggests that water offers 15 times the resistance of air. The harder you press, the more resistance the water offers, so you can adjust your workout to how you feel on any given day.

Water exercise also provides significant cardiovascular benefits. Heart rates typically range 10 to 17 beats lower when exercising in water than when on land, due to the hydrostatic pressure on the body, which aids blood return to the


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There are many aqua fitness classes offered locally. They include:

• Fit for Life

• H2O Yoga

• Pilates in the pool

• H2O deep

• Aqua Zumba

Jodi Glaisher is a fitness instructor at Old Town Hot Springs.