Focus on Fitness: Don’t give up on New Year’s resolutions |

Focus on Fitness: Don’t give up on New Year’s resolutions

— Don’t give up on those New Year’s resolutions to improve your health, wellness and fitness. It takes more than 90 days to develop a new habit. Accept this challenge to create new positive habits.

With a bit of focus, you can make small changes every day and work toward a bigger goal. We often feel that if we can’t achieve some “perfect” standard for our goals, we’ve failed and ought to give up. The beauty of focusing on your health and wellness is that you always have the opportunity to start over, do better and keep working at it daily.

Here are a few suggestions to help keep you on track:

• Set a goal. Be honest with yourself and define why you want to change. Are you trying to lose weight? Think about why. Determine your ultimate reason and stay focused on it. Write it down. Share it with others if you want.

• Be specific. Instead of: “I’m going to work out more,” try “I’m going to walk 45 minutes over lunch three times a week.”

• Recognize what motivates you. Is it music? Inspiring images or photos? A person? A saying or mantra?

• Spend some time to figure out what can help keep you working toward your goal.

• Make it doable. Instead of thinking “I need to lose 20 pounds,” break it down to weekly or daily goals. Think, “I will eat a healthy breakfast today.”

• Be accountable. Find a friend, family member, co-worker, online forum, a log, fitness tracker, personal trainer…someone or something that helps you stay focused and motivated.

• Challenge yourself. Push your limits. In my experience, most people are stronger and tougher than they realize. Don’t be afraid to test yourself, and chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

• Try something new. Take a different group fitness class, try ice skating or start lifting weights. Follow a fitness video at home. Swim, run, ski, bike, box…there is no shortage of options to keep moving.

• Make it fun. Find activities you enjoy. Spend time with people who make your smile, or relish time alone.

Everyone is busy, but make your health and wellness a priority. Schedule time for fitness and healthy activities every day.

• Eat to live, don’t live to eat. Work to eat balanced, healthy food throughout your day and enjoy it.

• Drink water. Enough said.

• Sleep more and stress less. It’s easier said than done, but create realistic goals to get the right amount of sleep for you, and find ways to cope with daily stress.

• Be positive. What you focus on expands. Focus on what you are accomplishing, on all your healthy choices and how good they make you feel.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more important than your health and wellness. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Small positive changes add up and can lead to success in meeting larger goals. So don’t give up. Instead, shift your focus to making your health and wellness a priority for a lifetime!.

Michele Meyer is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer at Old Town Hot Springs.

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