Final Thought: Local 2nd-graders share gratitude through poetry |

Final Thought: Local 2nd-graders share gratitude through poetry

Second graders at Soda Creek Elementary took advantage of National Poetry Month in April to write poems about gratitude.
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STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Second-grade teacher Elissa Chapman decided to use National Poetry Month to let her students express their gratitude on top of learning about different styles of poetry. Taking the last form the class studied, etheree — a poem that has 10 lines and each line has another syllable added — Chapman asked her class to share what they were grateful for and what gratitude means to them. Below are their poems.

‘Gratitude’ by Micah Setter

My teacher
My neighborhood
Steamboat II biking
I love to pet my cats
Biking and hiking with mom
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Monopoly with my family
The day I get to go back to my school

‘Gratitude’ by Tristan Collins

My warm house
My trampoline
My fast scooter
TV and Disney Plus
Super awesome building bricks
My outdoor adventures alone
Tablet time in my room after lunch
To be healthy and alive in my home

‘Gratitude’ by Ellis Warnke

Digging holes       
I love my mommy
Playing in water
Eating yummy food
Swinging high in the trees
Grateful for my family
Floating on the green river is fun
Riding my bike around makes me smile

‘Gratitude’ by Harlow Kuntz

Iced Tea
Riding Horses
Spending time with Dogs
Cuddling with my mom
Jumping on the trampoline
Breathing in all the fresh mountain air
Taking a walk with my dad and brothers
Everyone keeping me healthy and safe

‘Gratitude’ by Jojo Haupt

My cat
Saige and Rosey
My fast dark blue bike
My bed that I sleep in.
Great Cousins and Grandparents
The backyard I love to play in
I love to read books — It’s my passion
I love everyone in my family

‘Gratitude’ by Josey Hoffner

Very best friends
Fuzzy blankets
Sweet strawberry ice cream
Ipad video games
Mom and dad and big brother
Drawing is my favorite thing to do ever
Very big dragons who shoot fire and fly
Trees because they make air for us

‘Gratitude’ by LP Brinkman

Warm fireplace
I like ice cream
Plants give us oxygen
Water wet and tasty
Lights and health and food to eat
Butterflies flap their wings like birds
Friends and family are nice to have
Mommy, Daddy, Bella, Noah, Miela

‘Gratitude’ by Arthur Keller

Thank you 
Thanks is good
Thankful for friends 
Thankful for family 
Thank you for everyone
Nice is the best forever
Everyone is thankful Almost
Thankful is always the best whenever forever
Everyone is thankful almost every person

‘Gratitude’ by Bella Blackwell

Mom and Dad 
Going swimming
Rivers and Wilbur
Playing with my best friends
Running around with my  friends
Biking through McDonald’s drive through
Going snowboarding on the mountain  
Riding my motorcycle with my cousins 

‘Gratitude’ by Cooper Churchley

Mom Dad
Friends Teachers
Biking Mountains 
Skiing on Mountains
Animals are awesome
Playing sports is super fun
Forts are so fun to build at home
I like eating super healthy food
Jumping for on the trampoline with Layla 

‘Gratitude’ by David MacKinnon

My stuffies.
My little brother.
The moon and the night sky.
Spending time with my grandma. 
Having fun with my mom and dad.
Fun on the weekends when dad is home 
Spending time with my grandpa and auntie.

‘Gratitude’ by Emeline Arndt

My bunk bed
Food and water
Midnight and Jasper
My home in the country
Music and fireworks at eight
Moma, Papa,  Willow,  Lennyn

‘Gratitude’ by Grace Manning

Friends to play with
Doctors that help us 
Really healthy and good food
Teachers help us learn a lot
My trampoline makes me happy
Arts and Crafts are really fun to do
I am grateful I have Finn to play with

‘Gratitude’ by Henry Langness

Having fun
Warm in winter
Trampoline out back
My toys in the garage
My house is pretty awesome!
Lots of friends in the neighborhood
My mom, my dad, my brother and me!
Mountains in the front and creek in the back.

‘Gratitude’ by Clayton Musgrove

Fun Friends
Playing Hockey
Outdoor adventures
Bike rides with family
Pizza parties and movies
Education and good teachers
Fiona the dog and Sky the cat
Walking Fiona on my fast scooter

‘Gratitude’ by Nora Garey

My room 
My sister
Kona the dog
Going on a run
Playing cornhole outside
The temperature is nice
Mis Chapman at soda creek
Reading Harry Potter together
Writing stories in my journal to share

‘Gratitude’ by Otto Sloop

Big Hugs
For Kittens
Water gun wars
Dinner together
Jumping on trampolines
Camping with my family
Snuggle time in bed with parents
Playing Tetherball outside with Dad
Going to the Beach for a vacation

‘Gratitude’ by Tejas Obray

Mom and dad

‘Gratitude’ by Theodore Maul

My house
My fish blaze
My family
The trees in my yard
My ramps, bike, and skateboard
Skiing with dad on a trail
My mom and dad and what they do
Going to the bike  park with my dad
Being able to rollerblade outside

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