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Fashion Forward

Ski-season clothing takes it a step further this fallwith new textures, bold prints and even bolder colors

Margaret Hair

— For anyone who has ever dreamed about skiing Mount Werner in a full paisley-print snowsuit, this is your year.

Tagging on to the popularity of prints and textures in years past, ski and snowboard software this season is fashion forward, drawing on bright colors, bold designs and hat-to-boot styles.

Including classic Alpine designs and simple colors for skiers and fur-trim, wide-brim and oversized urban influences for snowboarders, this year’s styles are as diverse as the people wearing them.

With new lines in stock at local stores, three sales associates – Jessica Collier of Ski Haus, Casey McGlone of The Click and Mel Leblanc of Christy Sports – guided Pilot & Today style reporter and nonskier Margaret Hair through the trends of the season.

All-over prints

A continuation of the plaids and camouflage prints that made their way down mountains in past seasons, snowboard apparel this year is all about the head-to-head coordination. Branching out from patterns that might appear on outdoors clothing in any other situation, the men’s snowboarding jackets at The Click, above and on page 1D, are etched in just about everything, including linear drawings on lime green fabric and paisley prints on bold red.

“The all-over print is huge this year,” The Click’s Casey McGlone said. “Even the hats and everything now. Pretty much everything we have in the store comes in all-over print.”

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Most ski and snowboard accessories – goggles, helmets, boots – fall under the umbrella of “useful hardware.” Some – including the wide, flat-brimmed hip-hop inspired baseball hats found bundled into the snowboarding section of some stores – are fashion over function. Most of them manage to stay with the trends and serve their purpose.

This year’s styles include bold colors in goggles and hats to go along with jackets and pants, as well as styles that Christy Sport’s Mel Leblanc said tap into the fashions of different time periods.

Fur hoods

A little faux lining around the hood for women’s coats is nothing new – you even see it on oversize men’s jackets from time to time.

This year, the style is making its way out, Mel Leblanc said. But it’s not gone yet.

Among the new twists on the faux-fur trend are that option to remove it, as shown on the Bogner ski coat (seen above on Anna Kurtz), available at Ski Haus. This is the second year the store has carried Bogner apparel, notable for its bold, solid colors and minimal embellishments.