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Eyeing that perfect costume

Steamboat residents have a few more days to complete their Halloween looks

Margaret Hair

Three days remain until Halloween, and for those who don’t have a costume, it might be time to start coming up with some ideas.

Whether you’ll be heading out with family, as a couple or with a group of friends, to the Downtown Halloween Stroll or to house parties, a creative, warm costume can make the night.

Celebrations employee Dana Jewell said she hasn’t seen any clear trends in costume buying this season, other than having to restock on white angel wings at least once. A week before Halloween, shoppers roamed the store looking for entire costumes or piecing together accessories.

Torre Wilkinson, who was shopping with a group of friends, said she’d had trouble settling on an idea and stood in the check-out line after an hour of mulling options.

“We tried on like four different costumes first before we figured it out,” Wilkinson said of her group’s choice to dress as a nurse, a cop and a firefighter.

Ryan Richards had an easier go of it because he already had an idea and someone to share it with. For a costume party at Mambo Italiano, he was buying a blond wig to complete his Garth Elgar (of “Wayne’s World) look – a friend is going as Wayne.

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“All I needed to buy was a wig and some nerdy glasses,” Richards said.

For the family-friendly, costume-crucial Downtown Halloween Stroll on Lincoln

Avenue, Amy Brown was looking for warm, cute costumes for her two young daughters.

“My daughter really likes tigers, so I’m just trying to find her a little tiger,” she said, holding up the adorable child-sized Tigger suit she was considering for her 2-year-old daughter, Solana. For her younger daughter, Ocean, Brown was thinking of something especially warm to bundle her in, such as a bunny or kitten costume. Although her children won’t be eating the candy handed out on the stroll, Brown said she thought it would be fun for them.

“She’ll be in awe of all the other costumes,” Brown said of Solana. “That’s what it’s really all about – not the candy, the atmosphere.”

While Celebrations offers ready-made costumes and easy access to Halloween masks, makeup and props, the employees at Rummagers thrift store said they’ve had people coming in looking for Halloween pieces since the middle of September.

Candice Hurst, who has worked at the store for four years and on Thursday was cashing out a customer buying two blazers for his costumes, said people come to the thrift store in search of pretty much anything that could be part of a costume.

“Robes, capes, kids’ costumes because there’s not that much in town right now, and jewelry,” were among the purchased items Hurst listed, along with more bar-friendly ideas such as pimp suits and school girl costumes.

At Rummagers and Celebrations, it was evident that there’ll be a variety of costumes walking around town come All Hallow’s Eve.

“There are some people who I can’t wait to see out on Halloween,” Jewell said.