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Explore More: 24 dad jokes to help celebrate Father’s Day

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS — Sunday is Father’s Day, and while celebrating dad looks different for every family, each one probably has a dad joke or two or seven they can share. Below are some to share with a laugh and a well-deserved eye roll this Father’s Day.

“I’ll call you later.”
“Don’t call me later, call me Dad!”

Did you hear about the man who fell into an upholstery machine?
He’s fully recovered.

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What did the fisherman say to the magician?
Pick a cod, any cod.

Did you know that milk is the fastest liquid on earth?
It’s pasteurized before you even see it.

What did one ocean say to the other ocean?
Nothing, they just waved.

I made a pencil with two erasers.
It was pointless.

How can you tell it’s a dogwood tree?
From the bark.

“I’m hungry.”
Hi, Hungry. I’m Dad.”

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Why don’t eggs tell jokes?
They’d crack each other up.

What do you call someone with no body and no nose?
Nobody knows.

Did you hear the rumor about butter?
Well, I’m not going to spread it.

How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?
Ten tickles.

How do you make a tissue dance?
You put a little boogie in it.

Why did that math book look so sad?
Because of all of its problems.

What kind of shoes do ninjas wear?

Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Because he was outstanding in his field.

What’s brown and sticky?
A stick.

I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed.

Can February March?
No, but April May.

Want to hear a joke about paper?
Never mind — it’s tearable.

I could tell a joke about pizza, but it’s cheesy.

Don’t trust atoms.
They make up everything.

Why are elevator jokes so classic and good?
They work on many levels.

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When does a joke become a dad joke?
When it becomes apparent.

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