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‘Evolver’ doesn’t deliver

Tyler Johnson

The band 311 produces a sound driven by reggae, rock, punk beats and funky bass lines, a mix between rap and metal. When formed in 1990, their sound helped to spearhead a new genre. Recognized as a musically talented and creative band with a positive and energetic sound, 311 has stayed strong for more than a decade, generating a large fan base through its many hit singles and records.

They have done a good job of sticking to their original sound and not selling out. Yet, in maintaining a style, artists should always strive to evolve in their music.

Ironically, 311 does the opposite on its latest album, “Evolver.” This album delivers a bland and uncreative sound that becomes repetitive.

Many of the songs on “Evolver” resemble their older songs. “Creatures” and “Reconsider Everything,” sound familiar but without the same energy.

The overall CD sounds as if they spent very little time trying to write catchy and creative songs.

The music on “Evolver” is complex, yet it lacks the power 311 has delivered so well on previous albums. As always, their harmonies are crisp and their lyrics are positive, as in “Reconsider Everything” and “Same Mistake Twice.”

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This album will satisfy loyal 311 fans, but will not attract new ones. If you have never heard 311, I strongly suggest getting one of their CDs. Just do not start with this one.