Esther Gallegos and Jennifer Earls: Insurance options |

Esther Gallegos and Jennifer Earls: Insurance options

Each year, thousands of children in Colorado go without health insurance, but local parents and guardians should know they don't have to. Colorado's Medicaid and CHP+ programs provide eligible families with low-cost health insurance for their children.

Often, families think they cannot get public health insurance for their kids because they make too much money. However, in Colorado, a family of four with a gross income of as much as $4,600 a month can still be eligible for CHP+.

Medicaid and CHP+ cover more than urgent health needs. Kids enrolled in children's public health insurance programs can get regular check-ups, dental care, immunizations and prescription drugs. Research indicates children with health insurance are more likely to get preventative care, receive treatment for chronic illnesses and take prescription medications, keeping them healthy.

Most parents and guardians will do whatever it takes to help their child get ahead. Families in Routt, Jackson and Grand Counties can call the Northwest Colorado Visiting Nurse Association at 970-871-7616 to find out about eligibility and how to enroll. Families in Moffat and Rio Blanco Counties can call 970-871-7691.

We want to keep our kids healthy in this community. A quick call can do just that and give families peace of mind.  

Esther Gallegos and Jennifer Earls

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