Erin Biggs: Does civility exist anymore? |

Erin Biggs: Does civility exist anymore?

Have we lost all sense of civility? As George W. Bush once said, “Civility is not a tactic or a sentiment. It is the determined choice of trust over cynicism, of community over chaos.”

I feel like an old fogey saying this, you know, “back in my day, we walked uphill to school in 10 feet of snow both ways, and gasoline cost a nickel,” or something, but really.

My husband and I recently wrote a letter to the editor asking for dog owners to be respectful of other dogs and of other dog owners. Shortly thereafter, Bob Heister wrote a letter to the editor asking for people to use trail etiquette and common sense on the Core Trail.

Last night, approximately 75 citizens came together to hold a candlelight vigil against racism and hate in our community, and while most people were supportive, there were a couple of people who drove by and yelled nasty comments at us.

Near City Market last week, a co-worker was rammed into by an angry man with a shopping cart. This morning, I was accosted by an off-leash dog and an owner who didn’t understand my or my dog’s concern. “It’s OK,” he said, but it’s not. It’s not OK.

Where is our civility? Where is our common sense and decency? What has happened to our manners and respect for others?

People always talk about how friendly Steamboat is, and for the most part, I agree. But as we fight about whether or not there are too many tourists in the summer or about our politics and leadership or about any number of the other issues facing us on a daily basis, is it possible for us to use manners and decency?

Does common sense and civility exist in this climate?

I’m not perfect by any means, and I get frustrated like the next person, but it is our common humanity that bonds us and should pull us together, not divide us even further.

Nine Steamboat citizens said in our letter to the editor dated Feb. 27, 2017, “Life is challenging enough. It is important for us to be kind to each other. Let us lift each other up rather than trying to tear each other down.”

I still maintain that point of view.

Thank you.

Erin Biggs

Steamboat Springs

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