Erin Biggs: Clean water, sacred land |

Erin Biggs: Clean water, sacred land

Three local Steamboat Springs residents including myself (and a fourth from Denver) drove the 12 hours up to the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in North Dakota this past weekend in order to join in the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

There are now approximately 7,500 water protectors in the Sacred Stone Camp, and it is growing every day. The camp is a camp built by Native Americans in the proposed path of a huge oil pipeline. This pipeline is intended to go through some sacred Indian lands in North Dakota that are owned by the local indigenous people through treaty. The pipeline would go under the Missouri River, so the resulting oil spills would irreparably pollute the drinking water of millions of people.

This pollution affects all of us. It is a human issue, not a North Dakota issue, not a Standing Rock issue, and not a Native American issue.

The camp was very peaceful with over 7,500 people coming together from over 250 tribes (including tribes that have traditionally not been friendly toward each other), as well as whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Alaskans, Hawaiians, Palestinians, Ecuadorians, Amazonians and people from all 50 states. This is a historic showing of unity.

The level of love, dedication and peace we experienced at the Sacred Stone Camp has changed each and every one of us. It has been a spiritual healing, and we are asking for the good residents of the city of Steamboat Springs to get involved.

Please check for ways to contribute your time, energy and donations.

People are intending to stay outside in camp through the winter without heat or running water with temperatures reaching 60 below zero because of their dedication and belief in clean drinking water and sacred lands. Please help support them in any way you are able.

With sincerest thanks,

Erin Biggs

Steamboat Springs

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