Eric S. Morris: Let’s not pass debt on |

Eric S. Morris: Let’s not pass debt on

As I help my eldest color a picture, watch my middle child on the monitor during nap time and watch my baby master pre-crawling, I can't help but think about the kids.

Since everything we do is for the kids, and as Paula Stevenson, of Yes 2 Steamboat Schools, stated regarding the $92 million bond issue, let's see what her "kids deserve."

Do they deserve to see their parents passing along the cost of their schools to them through bonded indebtedness? Or do they deserve to see their parents, rather than people who don't have children in the school system, actually pay for their education? Do they deserve to pass along the costs to children of second homeowners, similar to me, who can't vote anyway (putting a lie to the government school myth of "no taxation without representation")?

I say let's actually do this for the children, rather than for the investment bankers, consultants and bond counsel, and at least pay for any new schools with cash from current tax receipts rather than gifting bonded indebtedness to children — both ones that end up using the school system or ones such as mine that most likely will not. That will help focus the tax increases on what is needed now rather than what is deserved well into an unpredictable future.

I don't think any children deserve a future of debt, even if it was intended "for the children."

Eric S. Morris

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Indianapolis, Indiana, resident,

Steamboat Springs School District taxpayer

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