Eric Gautreaux: Dr. D is the right choice |

Eric Gautreaux: Dr. D is the right choice

John “Dr. D” Devincentis has contributed significantly to the success of the Steamboat Springs School District. During his 21 years with Strawberry Park Elementary School, he consistently put children first by promoting small class size and supporting staff members and parents. His experience and success clearly make John the right choice for school board.

DeVincentis is running for the Steamboat Springs School Board. DeVincentis has played a substantial role in the Steamboat Springs School District for more than 20 years. His accomplishments as a principal speak for themselves: He earned a doctorate in education, established a school of excellence and created a positive learning environment at Strawberry Park Elementary School for all students, staff members and parents.

DeVincentis’ opponent has been a member of the School Board for two years. In that time, class size has risen, staff morale has decreased, and school funds have not been allocated effectively or properly. One of the purposes of the half-cent sales tax is to decrease class size; however, there are many elementary school classes where the numbers are 20 students or more. John’s opponent and other current School Board members have used the funds for the wrong priorities.

John has always put children first by promoting a philosophy of shared leadership. He honors all students, parents, staff members and community members. He attributes successes to everyone involved.

DeVincentis is unequivocally the right choice for the Steamboat Springs School Board. His achievements in our school district and his desire to put children first will ensure a positive contribution to our School Board.

Eric Gautreaux
Steamboat Springs