Your health may be threatened by the tragedy

Marilynn Preston

I have no words to capture the horror show that became reality for America on Sept. 11. How we deal with it as a nation will be revealed slowly over the coming months. How you deal with it as an individual is up to you.

So take a minute and tune in to the damage done to your own lifestyle: Are you still feeling waves of anxiety, panic, despair? Is your sleep disturbed? Are you left with anger and grief? Stress and tension?

Make no mistake: The attack on America and the ongoing crisis can have a serious impact on your health unless you have a plan to defend yourself and your family. Please continue to work through your emotions and confusion in a way that opens your heart instead of crushing it.

Continue to do whatever feels like comfort and relief: Meet with friends, light a candle, join a support group, write a check, sit quietly and be thankful, buy stock, recite affirmations, hug your children. The experts have no end of suggestions.

My suggestions would include exercise as a way to ease the lingering anxiety. Try meditation, or simple breathing exercises, to calm your mind. Consider a massage to unlock body tension.

You can’t undo the attack against America. The only thing you can control is your reaction. Find a way to work through the pain, anger and fear so it doesn’t drag down your overall health. It can, you know. Don’t let it.

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