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Emi Cooper: Letter to local governments urging climate action

To our local leaders,

My name is Emi Cooper. You may know me from my comments at City Council and county commissioners meetings, in which I have urged you to take aggressive action to combat climate change now before it is too late.

Above all, I want you to listen to what the science is telling us. I could provide you with a multitude of startling statistics on the climate crisis, but instead, I just want to remind you of the one statistic that is constantly on my mind: Eleven years. That is how long we have to limit catastrophic climate change according to a 2018 report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Our global and federal leaders are failing my generation; being complacent in this crisis. That is why I am asking my local government to step up. I am incredibly thankful for all your prior climate actions. I hope you understand that I am not coming from a place of ungratefulness, but that all these actions are too little and too late.

Your role as City Council members is of such importance at this time. It is up to you to create a comprehensive climate action plane while guaranteeing an equitable transition for our coal plant workers. I believe in you, but I also compel you to act now, before my generation feels the major consequences of our leaders’ inaction.

At the Fridays for Future school strike on Sept. 20, hundreds of members of our community came out to show support for climate action. Students sacrificed a day of our education to push our leaders to “listen to the science.” Our future counts on your actions.


Emi Cooper

Steamboat Springs

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