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Elliot Seng: Local sound guru

Elliot Seng

Local sound engineer, Scott Singer can be seen heading up the mixer board at Schmiggity's live music dance bar when he isn't mastering his own projects.

— Hidden within the Yampa Valley lies a rare talent known as the man behind the music. His name is Scott Singer and he is the musical engineering mastermind kind enough to have me over to his studio to discuss his life, and all ears Steamboat.

Explore’s newest music contributor, Elliot Seng, has called Steamboat Springs home for the past five years now. His dedication to all things music is more alive than ever. In his short time on earth he's a proven music junkie, and totally broke from it.

As we started down the stairs to the basement, an immense collection of framed records passed by, hung neatly on the wall. I stopped briefly to peruse but already knew I was about to walk into a grade A studio. Tingles. Walking through the entryway I was immediately captivated by the amount of dedication this man has put into his passion, a labor of love. We sit down, I crack a beer and the night began. Welcome to "A Room With No View," his own professional recording studio.

Growing up in California during the 1960s and 1970s Singer began his life in the entertainment industry at the age of 19 in 1975, working as a cameraman in Hollywood on the hit NBC show The Midnight Special. From there Scott delved into music engineering from his proclaimed apprentice Michael Verdick. No college education for this guy. "I owe everything to him," said Singer.

Working on projects ranging from the great Quincy Jones, to helping produce top 80s bands like Todo and Blood Sweat and Tears, Singer has been around the entire music industry at one time or another in his 40 year career. He even co-owned an LA based studio.

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Fast forward to 1996 and a timely trip to Steamboat. While sitting at his mother's home as she was on vacation, Scott had an epiphany to hang up the headphones. The grinding work and cost of a high energy scene had besieged his passion. Looking for answers to what was next, he turned to skiing and the great outdoors. He decided to stay.

It wouldn't be until 1999 that he'd make his return. In 2000 Singer connected with some of the musicians from local band Loose Change. An accord was met transcendentally and lasted for the next eight years, helping produce a few of their albums as well as their live performances.

Additionally, Singer has engineered over 500 events since living here. While in Steamboat he’s showcased his skills to heavy hitters like Big Gigantic, Leftover Salmon, Kyle Hollingsworth and EOTO. I first met Scott back in 2011, at a sold out show that took place at his home venue at the time, The Ghost Ranch. Having been the premier place for live music in town, he fit the bill and then some. After the ranch went under later that year, Scott took time for other projects working with local musicians.

"I just want to make music," he said. "I've had the spotlight and now this is for me."

Today, you can find Singer heading up the mixer board at Schmiggity's live music dance bar when he isn't mastering his own projects. The newest Steamboat hot-spot that he himself helped design is just what the doctor ordered. Stage, bar, dance floor, and a great sound. It's a done deal. Go there.

Let’s all take a second and realize the talent at hand here. With experience and devotion out the ears, we should all enjoy Scott Singer by putting his music into ours. We're very lucky for a ski town with a music problem.

Elliot Seng can tell a few stories. Especially the type where music takes the stage. His story started in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania back in 1987. At 27 years old, and residing in Steamboat Springs for the past five years, his dedication to music is more alive than ever. Whether at home in a robe harmonizing to a favorite vocalist or standing next to you at the weekend's top gig dancing like a ninny, he cannot be ignored. In his short time on earth he's a proven music junkie, and totally broke from it.