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Elizabeth Hicks: Medicare for all — why not now?

There has been a recent increase in support for a national health plan. A current Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds that six in 10 adults favor a national health plan when described as single payer or Medicare for All.

There is now robust support among Democrats, and even somewhat among Republicans, for expansions of the Medicare program through a Medicare buy-in or an optional Medicare for all. Three-fourths of the public favor such a proposal, including 64 percent of Republicans.

Another item from the Kaiser Health poll tells us that few voters say a candidate's position on a national health plan will play a major role in their 2018 midterm vote — 7 percent — and few offer it when asked what they want to hear candidates discuss during their campaigns.

Thus, these poll numbers might not hold up if we had a detailed debate about a universal health care program, but these numbers are still a sign of the times and the country’s growing comfort with a more expansive government role in ensuring health care.

If we want our candidates to fight for Medicare for all, we need to let them know now. As the November ballot progresses and candidates are determined, it will be imperative for us to let them know that this country is ready for a national health care plan. It's only going to happen if we demand it.

Please join me in supporting candidates who are willing to fight the fight for good, affordable and accessible health care for all.

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