Education Fund Board terms extended |

Education Fund Board terms extended

Brent Boyer

The terms of more than a dozen Education Fund Board members and members of the Fund Board’s three commissions have been extended through November as the Steamboat Springs Board of Education and the Fund Board look for a way to stagger future terms.

Thirteen of the 14 terms that were extended by the School Board last week expired in August and September; one term was scheduled to expire in October. Most of these Fund Board and commission members have expressed a desire to continue in their respective roles, but the School Board said last week that it wants to delay granting long-term extensions until after the Nov. 4 School Board election, mostly because of conflicting interests.

Brian Kelly and Mike Loomis, two members of the Fund Board’s Educational Excellence Commission, are running for School Board seats. Mike Skov is not a Fund Board commission member but has expressed an interest in joining the Technology Commission. Skov also is running for School Board.

School Board President Paul Fisher said three things must happen before new Fund Board and commission terms are appointed: the School Board election must be held; the Fund Board must adopt a new method of staggering its terms; and the Fund Board must set forth a transition plan while a new staggering plan is implemented.

Members of the Education Fund Board and its three commissions — the Educational Excellence Commission, the Technology Commission and the Capital Commission — are assigned two-year terms. The School Board appoints all commission members and the three community members who sit on the Fund Board.

Several people have expressed interest in filling open commission and Fund Board positions, but the School Board probably will not fill those openings until after the November election, Fisher said.

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The Fund Board is scheduled to discuss methods of staggering its terms at future meetings.

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