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Dr. Henry R. Savage: Climate change report, study unreliable

The media is awash with coverage of the new IPCC report summary, which expounds on human causes of climate change (global warming). I urge readers to do some truth-squading on the subject. Many untruths are becoming common knowledge in this area.

The IPCC organization and processes are corrupt. The summary report is put together by a group of bureaucrats and representatives of environmental advocacy organizations with little, if any, scientific participation.

IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) carries the imprimatur of United Nations and therefore is assumed to be truthful and correct. Unfortunately this has not been so in the past, and IPCC therefore has little credibility in much of the scientific community. IPCC had been at the center of the two biggest scandals in science in the last 50 years. One of their early report summaries completely reversed the conclusions of the scientists who did the work, resulting in an angry letter published nationally and signed by many, many scientists. The last report based conclusions about the Earth’s temperature on some paleo climate work that indicated the last 10 years were the hottest in hundreds of years. The work was incorrect, and peer reviews of the work were inadequate, if not conspiratorial. In the first scandal mentioned, IPCC was the perp, and in the second, it was complicit.

Many are now saying that the science community is in consensus on this subject and “the debate is over.” Both are horribly untrue. The scientific literature is filled with papers by brilliant workers seeking answers to questions central to the debate. Some examples are Earth’s radiation properties, paleo temperature determinations and equilibrium CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. It’s well known and understood that water is the major greenhouse gas and CO2 is a minor contributor. Models of the atmosphere amplify the CO2 effect with assumptions that are very poorly supported by the science, hence the many questions that need to be researched.

Dr. Henry R. Savage

Steamboat Springs

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