Don Mathes: Zoning denial right |

Don Mathes: Zoning denial right

City Council President Cari Hermacinski got it totally wrong with her comment that "this (denial of a zoning change on Burgess Creek Road) sets a terrible precedent for any developer trying to work in our community." The exact opposite is true: The denial lets developers know that when they propose something that does not serve this community or that changes the character of neighborhoods to something residents don't want, they will be denied. Thanks to Walter Magill, whose "no" vote was the crucial one. It turned the council around, and the message for developers is clear: You're welcome here, bring some good ideas, work with us, but don't try to steamroll us because we know the kind of community we want this to be. Steamboat Highlands developers just didn't get that.

Don Mathes

Steamboat Springs