Don Griffin: Less talk, more action |

Don Griffin: Less talk, more action

It was almost exactly a year ago that a developer and a landowner appeared before the City Council and told it in clear and reasoned terms that there would be no significant development under the West of Steamboat Plan as long as the plan required 33 percent of any housing development to be affordable housing. Such development, they said, was simply not economically viable. The six years of no development since the plan was written underscores this. Recently, Ken Brenner and Steve Ivancie again said they did not want to reduce the affordable housing requirement from 33 percent to 15 percent.

Benjamin Franklin said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Stay at 33 percent, and there simply will be no real progress on affordable housing. Clearly, the important issue of adding housing that is affordable continues to be blocked by Brenner, Ivancie and other like-minded people. They profess to be advocates of affordable housing, but they are standing in the way of actually getting some.

This insanity is an important example of why the upcoming election is critical to the economic health of our city. We cannot afford to have a majority on the council talk about affordable housing while effectively preventing progress on this issue.

Don Griffin
Steamboat Springs