Don Asta: Congratulations sheriff |

Don Asta: Congratulations sheriff

Don Asta

Congratulations Sheriff Garrett Wiggins for upholding our Constitution, Bill of Rights and your oath of office. The Second Amendment is not about hunting or recreational shooting. Rather, it is about defense of self and country as well as protection of the people against tyranny. When adopted long ago, people were armed with the defensive weapons of the times, militarily and personally. Thus, it is evident that the type of arms the Second Amendment protects must not be regulated or infringed to a narrow list of guns and appurtenances (i.e. magazines) approved by an elite government body.

To allow such a government body to ban certain guns and magazines is in effect to water down the Second Amendment itself as well as a dangerous one-way trend toward gun confiscation. This is exactly what happened in England and Australia in the 1990s. And don't forget about the evil leaders around the world who are killing their citizens. Our servicemen and servicewomen are dying helping others who don't have a Second Amendment.

We are blessed to have a sheriff like Garrett Wiggins, and I never have met him. All law-abiding citizens must be equipped with the modern weapons of the time as it was in the beginning. The list of armed citizens still alive because of our God-given right to defend ourselves is not mentioned much in the media. I think you know why. It's not about gun control, it's about people control.

I think those who would restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens should read their history books a little closer. Teaching children the proper use of defensive weapons should be taught in all our schools, like the NRA's Eddie Eagle program. Did you know that even in Mexico, citizens are denied the right to own a gun?

In closing, remember that criminals do not obey laws. We are free because of the Second Amendment.

Don Asta

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