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District 1: Susan Dellinger on the issues

Susan Dellinger
City Council District I
Age: 43
Occupation: Geographic Information System Developer

Property Tax: Opposes proposed property tax. Says city should prioritize its budget to fund basic services first, amenities next and community support third. Suggests having a property tax to fund the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department’s $4 million budget.

Growth: Believes the council removing growth control mechanisms from the community plan is in direct contrast with the direction of the community. Says council allows actions contrary to the codes and rules they have just adopted and she will hold to the plans.

Chamber Funding: City must budget for life-safety, streets, water, sewer, transportation and other basic services before spending tax dollars on any other amenity or community support item. Believes city funding for air service programs would be better spent on improvements to the Yampa Valley Regional Airport.

Triple Crown: The community should be asked if it would like to build more facilities for additional groups, enter into contracts or place limits on the number of events. Believes city should have a dedicated funding source the community could approve to cover fees, operation, maintenance and replacement.

Mount Werner Water Consolidation: Supports continued discussions with the district through the water commission and would support a consolidation that arrives at the best service for all water customers.