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Diana Simon: New sidewalks needed

Dear Editor,

Last Saturday, I rode home on my power-assisted trike after a special time taking pictures at the Botanic Park. Unfortunately, I rode up the sidewalk off Mount Werner Drive and had a traumatic experience riding the upper part.

The sidewalk has big cracks that are filled with grass and weeds and rocks. I guess I didn't slow down enough because I went over a bump and my trike stopped dead. This part of the sidewalk has been in terrible shape, at least for the two or three years that I've been riding it.

Last year or the year before, I called one of the city engineers who had come to talk to my homeowner's association about a new sidewalk that was going in next to Village Drive. This engineer told me that the residential property owner is the one who needs to pay for new sidewalks. I then went into the Whitehorse Condominium project and left a message (with my phone number) with one of the managers, expressing my concern about the state of the sidewalks next to Mount Werner Road.

This development company paid for a gondola to get up to the base of the mountain and therefore should be able to afford to put in a new sidewalk. Obviously, nothing has changed in spite of my efforts.

When I looked down at my trike, a cover to the wires that went to the motor was hanging down. My trike would not go forward or backward starting the power. I'm old (67), disabled and have trouble bending down or getting on my knees to really look at my trike. (I don't understand mechanics very well either.)

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Stopped on that road, I had a beautiful view of the valley with no intersection markings to notify Triple A where I was. I kept saying to the man from AAA that the service man could just drive up Mount Werner Road, and they would see me stopped on the sidewalk. He said he couldn't help me unless he had some identifying cross roads. I said good bye at that time.

When I called my son, he told me to lock the tricycle up to something and use my crutches to walk home. I worried about leaving my wonderful trike with its heavy, expensive battery. So, I pushed it up the rest of the hill, partially rode down and parked myself at Wild Plum convenience store where I could use the restroom and eat lunch and call AAA with a specific place. This was a much better place to wait.

The main point of my writing this letter is to facilitate new sidewalks happening on upper Mount Werner Road. I'm sure this has come to the attention of other runners, walkers and bikers and would be more welcoming to our tourists.

Diana Simon

Steamboat Springs