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Diane Kelly: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

As a retired nurse, I find it difficult to understand the reluctance of Congress to invest money in a healthy citizenry. The U.S. population needs to be healthy. This means that people of all income levels need access to both preventive and curative medicine. The goal is to increase longevity and quality of life for all of us.

Preventive health care is that "ounce of prevention," which we all remember to be "worth a pound of cure."
Obamacare promotes preventive health care for individuals by guaranteeing no-cost:

• Immunizations

• Regular screening for many chronic diseases, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and cancer

• Screening for several behavioral health problems, including depression, alcohol misuse and tobacco use

Obamacare also provides the formation and funding of the Preventive and Public Health Fund. This fund provides money at the local, state and federal levels to:

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• Fight obesity

• Curb tobacco use

• Increase access to preventive care services

In addition, Obamacare requires all insurers to provide, at no patient cost, 10 "essential health benefits." One of these essential health benefits is preventive health care.

Unfortunately, the Senate Health Care Bill (BCRA), if passed, will:

• Reduce coverage for many Americans, including the preventive services mandated above

• Eliminate funding for the Prevention and Public Health Fund

• Allow states to waive the essential health benefits

These losses would have an excessive and unfair effect on minorities and the poor.
Preventive health care must not be sidelined in this manner. It is the ounce of prevention that is far too important for the health of all or our citizenry.

Please call Senator Cory Gardner and tell him to vote no on the Senate health care bill. Call Gardner's Washington office at 202-224-5941 or his Denver Office at 303-391-5777.

Diane Kelly

Steamboat Springs