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Diane DePersis: A personal choice

— Personal beliefs about the subject of abortion seem as different and varied as the people who possess them. I feel strongly that all of us are very much entitled to express our opinion on this matter, including Mr. Hofmeister (Conservative Commentary, June 15 Pilot & Today).

With all due respect and sincerity, I think that it is important to point out the simple fact that an unintended pregnancy is something that Mr. Hofmeister will absolutely never personally experience under any circumstances, including rape and other acts of violence. As such, Mr. Hofmeister himself never will be faced with the difficult decision of whether or not to terminate an unintended pregnancy, which undeniably simplifies the issue. Nuances such as the mental and physical health concerns or the ability to provide a loving and safe home are therefore more abstract.

The realistic circumstances that may result in or be associated with an unintended pregnancy are too individual, varied and complex for there to be only one mandated course of action instead of a range of options available for this deeply personal decision.

Diane DePersis

Steamboat Springs