Denver council floats proclamation on oil shale |

Denver council floats proclamation on oil shale

Jeremy P. Meyer/The Denver Post

The Denver City Council's proposed proclamation about possible water use in future Western Slope oil-shale development has drawn intense interest from environmentalists and industry officials alike — who on Wednesday crowded a committee meeting to voice their differing opinions.

The City Council on Monday is expected to vote on the proclamation. Usually, proclamations are apolitical statements that generate no controversy and pass unanimously.

Not this time.

The council is divided in support of the proclamation. The statements would support a U.S. Bureau of Land Management position that companies seeking to lease land for oil-shale development first should "prove the technological, economic and ecological viability of oil-shale development, and the impact that mining and processing of oil shale will have on statewide water demand and water quality."

Industry officials think the restriction could kill the business.