Dennis Howard: Affordable housing |

Dennis Howard: Affordable housing

Good news everybody. After some research, I have discovered that there is plenty of affordable housing already available in Steamboat! Under the Steamboat 700 annexation agreement, the cost of attainable homes is driven by the average income of our area, or AMI (area median income). The annexation agreement outlines a maximum of a 20 percent down payment on a home and ongoing housing costs (mortgage, insurance, etc.) of not more than 30 percent of annual income. Well, 120 percent of AMI for a family of four in our area is $96,720. The maximum home price for that family is $408,828 with 80 percent financing. On, I found 228 listings for less than $400,000. There are currently 31 townhouses, 11 mobile homes, eight single-family homes and 178 condos for sale in that range. Why should we wait for affordable housing to be built in the next 20 to 30 years when it is available right now?

Dennis Howard

Steamboat Springs