Dennis D. Brust: President deserves a chance |

Dennis D. Brust: President deserves a chance

Interest in writing this letter started last November, when Donald Trump won the presidential election. I believe that our citizens should know more about the positive changes we will have in our country and around the world in the months to come.

It seems that politicians promise everything when they campaign and when elected fall into the swamp of doing very little. Right now, Democrats, the media, many liberal TV networks, liberal talk radio and some Republicans are doing everything possible to stop our president’s agenda. This is a sorry situation and is very embarrassing.

The following are issues our president has promised to work on.

• Build a wall to keep illegal immigrants and drugs out of United States. Deport the criminals in our jails, prisons.

• Put pressure on sanctuary cities to follow the law or lose federal funding.

• Repeal and replace Obama Care to put health care back in the hands of doctors and patients to get a better plan at a lower cost.

• Get education in the hands of parents, teachers and local districts.

• Extreme vetting of immigrants coming to the U.S.

• Improve the economy, keep companies in the U.S. and get jobs back.

• Support law enforcement and the 2nd amendment.

• Cut taxes for our corporations and citizens.

• Attain self-sufficiency in energy, save the coal industry and build the Keystone and Dakota pipelines.

• Demolish and destroy IS.

• Cut regulations to allow business to cut expenses and grow.

• Repair our infrastructure.

The president said he will improve pay for workers, add millions of jobs, improve our infrastructure, keep us safe and make better trade deals. President Trump’s speech to Congress was outstanding. He has accomplished an amazing amount of good for the country in his first 40 days.

It must have been embarrassing for the Democrats to not agree with any of his agenda, and just sit in anger, when they wanted some of the same things.

We need to hold our Congress and president accountable but give them a chance to succeed. Many of you will have different opinions, so you should get involved with finding the true facts.

Don’t believe the fake news and lies that are circulated.

Dennis D. Brust

North Routt County

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