Dennis Brust: Why not make America great again? |

Dennis Brust: Why not make America great again?

I write this letter for many reasons. Our country is so divided. Government is not working to solve problems that negatively impact our citizens, our President is not getting support from the Democratic Party, and in some cases, lack of support from a few Republicans.

The Democrats are basically obstructionists and are trying to hurt him and his agenda at every turn (this is revealed in the FISA memo). Now, they are changing their battle plan every day.

I also don’t believe enough of our citizens understand all the issues that face us, and more importantly may not know the true facts on the issues. The excellent letter written by Kevin Copeland on Jan. 20 certainly informed and educated readers. There is so much truth in what he says.

Trump has accomplished so much in his first year and told us about all the things he wants to accomplish in the years to come. First-year accomplishments include: installation of the Keystone and Dakota pipeline, cancelled over 100 regulations saving businesses millions of dollars;  proposal to replace Obama Care; and got rid of the mandates, cancelled the death tax and reduced taxes to help all citizens and businesses.

He is making great progress destroying ISIS and MS-13 terrorist organizations, funding our military, keeping Guantanamo prison open, stopping the North Korean nuclear plan, rebuilding our infrastructure, building more vocational schools and having paid family leave, He is working hard to fight against the wars on law enforcement and religion.

Trade relations and international relations with Asia, the Middle East and Europe have all improved. He had a successful trip to the economic summit in Switzerland with world business leaders and talked about positive tax incentives to move their companies to America and hire American workers, and he puts “America First.”

President Trump presented his immigration plan to Congress, with a compromise for Democrats. The plan includes border security with a wall where needed, additional border patrol agents, improved technology, deportation of criminals, ending the visa lottery system and chain migration, defunding and elimination of sanctuary cities and states, and giving a pathway to citizenship for DACA.

This is what most Americans will accept, except the Democratic Party. They want open borders, sanctuary cities, amnesty for 15 million illegals and DACA recipients, chain migration and a visa lottery system. (The Democrats keep comparing our legal immigrant ancestors to the illegals that have created the present situation).

President Trump had an excellent State of the Union message while Democrats sat on their hands for everything and did not stand or applaud for almost anything in his speech. Democrats also showed their resistance on the NFL fiasco, tearing down historical monuments, promoting protests in colleges and universities, supporting the murderer of Kate Steinle, who was illegally in our country many times and had committed many crimes, the FISA memo, Hillary Clinton’s scandals, corruption in the FBI and Obama administration spying on the Trump organization.

Citizens should be concerned and involved in finding the truth, remembering that 90 percent plus of the news (NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and most newspapers) are produced with a “resist Trump” slant and are following the negativity of Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Chuck Shumer, which has so often been proven wrong.

I challenge citizens to get the truth, get involved, make phone calls and write letters to our politicians to get them to work on solving problems.

Dennis Brust

North Routt

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