Dennis Brust: Paris Accord is politics, not science |

Dennis Brust: Paris Accord is politics, not science

The Paris Climate Accord was an exercise in power politics and not good science. This so-called "accord" was the most one-sided agreement in political history.

Two of the top three biggest polluters, China and India, gave themselves a free ride until 2030. The Obama administration volunteered for carbon reductions that would produce a loss of 2.7 million manufacturing jobs by 2025 at a cost to the American economy of over $3 trillion in lost gross domestic product by 2030.

Why politics and not science? President Obama wanted a big deal agreement to add to his miniscule legacy. He needed to be able to brag about joining 150 countries in an agreement to save the earth. What a joke.

Think about it. Is the U.S. joining countries like Moldavia, North Korea, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Cuba, El Salvador, Greece, Syria, ect. A big deal? These nations and many others have no money at stake in the accord — and in reality, no money at all — and no intent to make reductions in CO2. They would happily take money from others. They have nothing to lose. In this case, the "others" are U.S. taxpayers.

Join me in thanking President Trump for demonstrating the courage to abandon this wasteful and very costly politically-motivated absurdity.
Dennis D. Brust

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And the so-called science is another joke. Do you find it as interesting as I do that the past administration only funded scientists who would substantiate their man-made global warming dream?

Calculation of anthropogenic warming of the earth is junk, corrupt science. Remember the hundreds of emails uncovered a couple of years back from the Obama administration-funded climate change scientists? Those so-called scientists were not reporting their temperature data if it did not validate the man-made global warming Kool Aid?

And how about the fact that these scientists' temperature measurements were purposely made in areas that had evolved over time with urban sprawl into heat islands.

The earth has more power to influence its own destiny than man ever could. Look at the impact of the Ice Age. Ice gouged out the Great Lakes and covered much of North America to a depth of up to one mile. Millions of years ago dinosaurs roamed the earth, and plant life thrived when CO2 levels were over the top. And all this with no help from man.

Join me in thanking President Trump for demonstrating the courage to abandon this wasteful and very costly politically-motivated absurdity. The waste began with our federal government forking over $2.3 billion last year for some boondoggle called the Green Climate Fund. Does anybody have an idea how that money was spent? I think not.

This single act by our president will save millions of American jobs. This single act will stop the bleeding of billions of wasted U.S. dollars.

And while we are thanking people, don't forget American industry and its technological innovation, e.g. clean coal technology. While the left was doing everything possible to stop hydraulic fracking to recover oil and natural gas, U.S. carbon emissions have plunged 18 percent over the past 16 years thanks in part to natural gas. China and India, number one and three in carbon emissions, have increased their carbon output over the entire period.

President Trump's abandonment of the Paris Climate Accord will enable the American economy to grow and will save jobs. It will obviate a crippling hit to our gross domestic product. And it will not make one bit of difference in the earth's temperatures. I'm confident the left can join hands with those of us who value work, innovation and the economy and cheer the President's bold move.

Dennis D. Brust

North Routt County