Dennis Brust: Government control of health care |

Dennis Brust: Government control of health care

Liberals want the government to control health care, and they want to keep the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Conservatives want to repeal it and create a better plan. Republicans also believe health care decisions are between the patient and their doctor. It is also believed the ACA is unconstitutional, because it did not originate in the House of Representatives. The average of all polls indicates opposition to the ACA has always been greater than public support. The IRS is in control of the ACA, which will be a great expense, and they will have access to families’ health information — a very bad situation.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates 7 million workers will lose their employee-sponsored insurance by 2021. Currently, there are many lawsuits against the ACA by Judicial Watch and the Pacific Legal Foundation. There were several broken promises when the ACA was introduced, including the following.

■ “If you like your doctor or your plan, you can keep them.”

■ “Insurance premiums will go down by $2,500 per year, and deductibles will go down.”

Insurance companies are dropping hospitals out of their coverage; many organizations are putting pressure in Congress to repeal the ACA.

There were 4.7 million health insurance cancellations in 32 states in 2013. During the first half of 2014, employer-sponsored group insurance declined by 4 million, offsetting gains in individual enrollment by 61 percent.

The following are facts from my research.

■ “No family making less than $250,000 per year will see an increase.” The fact is, there are at least 18 separate tax increases in the plan and a total of $770 billion of increased taxes across 10 years.

■ “Our government will protect Medicare.” The fact is, $700 million was cut, which will significantly impact seniors.

■ There are fines to companies not offering health insurance with 50 or more employees.

■ All subsidies paid to low-income people are paid by taxpayers.

■ Half of all businesses will cut hours or replace full-time employees with part-time employees to avoid the mandate.

■ There are new taxes and 2,800 pages of job killing, business busting bureaucracy and building disasters with 12,000 pages of regulations.

■ Muslims and unions are exempt from the ACA and also are subsidized.

■ Taxes on businesses hurt job growth for full-time employment and jeopardize businesses to survive.

■ There is a 2.3-percent tax on medical devices, a 10-percent tax on indoor tanning services, a Blue Cross Blue Shield tax hike, excise tax on charitable hospitals which fail to comply, tax on health insurers and name-brand drugs and tax on compensation limits for health insurance for executives. There are individual and employee mandates which, if not met, incur a tax penalty. The annual, over-the-counter medicines no longer qualify as medical expenses for flexible spending accounts.

■ The ACA can’t explain $2.8 billion in subsidy payments to the insured.

The ACA is one of the most controversial issues negatively impacting all citizens with increases on insurance premiums, and the deductibles are higher.

The Republican-controlled House and Senate have promised the public they will repeal it, but nothing is happening to date.

Citizens should get involved on this issue and contact our elected officials to let them know our feelings.

The bottom line is, the ACA is taxing high earners to pay most of it. It is no wonder that the public and conservative politicians want the whole thing repealed and think we should start again to get a much better and fairer program.

Dennis Brust

Steamboat Springs

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