Del Lockhart: Who’s politically biased? |

Del Lockhart: Who’s politically biased?

How thoughtful it was for you to warn us of the “controversial fake news” newspaper, The Epoch Times. I presume it must be “controversial” and “fake” because it doesn’t conform to your narrative? Is it controversial because it exposes communist China’s atrocities? (Tens of thousands of dissidents are involuntarily “donating” their organs). And maybe because it’s pro-Trump?

Dedicating a front page to warn us about a ‘politically biased” newspaper is hypocritical. Do you honestly believe the Steamboat Pilot & Today, The Washington Post and The New York Times are not politically biased? If so, you’re drinking your own Kool-Aid. It’s very few and far between that one finds a pro-Trump editorial and I quit counting how may anti-Trump cartoons you’ve published in the last two-plus years. I could say more.

What is your definition of “misinformation” that you accuse The Epoch Times of? Is it information that contradicts yours? You charge The Epoch Times of “peddling conspiracy theories.” When did that start concerning you? For heaven’s sake. What has consumed the National Democratic Party ever since Trump was elected? Hypocritical?

You managed to quote the chairperson of the local Democratic Party three times; however, you neglected to interview or quote anyone from our local Republican or Libertarian party leadership. How convenient. Political bias?

Because of The Epoch’s connection with the Falun Gong, you smeared Falun Gong’s (70 million people) reputation. You informed us that this “cult” has been banned in communist China for 20-plus years seemingly to say that that’s a black mark against them.

I must be missing something — isn’t being banned in a Communist regime a badge of honor? As to their ads being banned from Facebook — so what’s new? They’re banning conservative ads every day when they don’t fit their narrative.

By evidence of your one-sided article, do I conclude that the Steamboat Pilot & Today doesn’t want a competitive narrative in our community? Or, maybe you believe people can’t think for themselves? Otherwise your article would have been objective and fair handed. And with all the talk about inclusivity,  I’d think you would welcome opinions and narrative from the other side? Guess not.

Congratulations are in order though; you did an epic job of unwittingly promoting The Epoch Times. I’m presently not a subscriber, but thanks to you I will be soon.

Del Lockhart
Steamboat Springs

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