Debbie Ratliff: Special thanks |

Debbie Ratliff: Special thanks

On Monday morning, June 23, I played tennis, went grocery shopping and drove to the library. I parked the car in front, got out and promptly fainted.

Thanks to a young woman with two children in tow who helped me into the library, where a library staff member put a compress on my head wound. As is the library's policy, EMTs were called and arrived quickly. After administering an EKG, they knew I had a problem.

Then it was off to the Yampa Valley Medical Center emergency room where its staff took over. Within about 20 minutes I was being whisked by helicopter to Loveland's Heart Center of the Rockies to receive a pacemaker — now my new best friend!

Steamboat can be proud of its dedicated and knowledgeable emergency responders. You all have my "heartfelt" thanks!

Debbie Ratliff

Steamboat Springs