Debbie Born: Nice little town? |

Debbie Born: Nice little town?

Locals and tourists love Steamboat for the same reason. It’s a “nice little town.”

This town makes people think that a little piece of paradise really does still exist — and right in the middle of the mountains, of all places. And the best part? There is a really normal, thriving community made up of people who live and work here. I have been here more than seven years, and I have never stopped loving Steamboat. Throughout my various jobs, starting at the ski resort, then in the lodging industry and now in banking, I never get tired of people telling me how wonderful, safe, beautiful and perfectly quaint this town is.

All this is threatened with each new development that is built here, bringing with them big name franchises.

First, it was Wal-Mart, and now most recently, Ben & Jerry’s, Quiznos and Qdoba have been added to the list. And there are more to come.

Saturday’s Steamboat Today published an article detailing “improvements” to the plans for the new Steamboat Crossings development, saying the number of affordable housing units to be included has been increased. This is great, because we are, no doubt, lacking that area, but do the “benefits” of this new development sincerely outweigh the negative effects that surely will ensue? I doubt it.

The major anchor of this new development is, of course, Walgreens. Steamboat doesn’t need what Walgreens has to offer. The profits coming into this big corporate store won’t be recycled into our little town, and perhaps worst of all, the business lost by our local store owners — such as Lyon’s Drug — only will further deteriorate our economy and its most loyal residents.

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As responsible, caring residents of this “nice little town,” we must make sure that our voices are heard by the City Council and stop allowing big business to take over Steamboat.

Debbie Born

Steamboat Springs