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David Ihde: We must arm our schools to protect them

In response to Brodie Farquhar’s letter on gun control, I’m impressed with his statistics on gun deaths in America versus the total killed in all of our wars.

Now let’s look at some other stats as it relates to why we have the Second Amendment. Assume that all of the approximate 35,000 gun deaths annually in the United States are murders. Now multiply that by the 100 years since the Bolshevik Revolution, and you get 3.5 million murders. Stalin alone murdered 30 million plus. Add in Mao’s 30 million, and you get over 60 million murdered by two despots, and I haven’t even mentioned the other socialist despots of the last century.

In fact, socialist governments alone in the last century murdered over 100 million of their own citizens. That’s more than all the crooks and crazies have killed in world’s history. All had their guns confiscated first. All had gun control of some kind, like registration, prior to that confiscation.

If you think it can’t happen here, I suggest you drop what you are doing and survey the landscape. It’s already happening here with the dangerous concentration of power in the hands of our federal government anathema to our founders’ beliefs and the Constitution they wrote to prevent it along with a constant drumbeat of gun control by the left.

This has resulted in illegal spying and weaponized agencies being used against political opponents and the Free Press. That’s the beginning of tyranny folks, not the end. I already mentioned the end. Look no further than the current situation in Venezuela.

We protect almost everything in our country with a gun except the schools but then call someone with a gun when something bad happens. And we start blaming the gun and the NRA almost at the same time we are calling someone with a gun.

Last time I checked the NRA didn’t kill anyone and their members have never been implicated in any crazed mass shooting. But while we demagogue them with phony claims of blood on their hands or blood money for politicians, we advertise our schools as Gun Free Zones making them the soft target killers drool over.

How stuck on stupid is that? Ever notice that these crazed killers either split the scene or kill themselves when the police with guns show up? Hardening these targets as our president suggests just may be the game changer we need.

The president is correct when he said they are cowards. So how about we heed Sheriff Garrett Wiggins’ call for arming our schools instead of creating a target out of them or taking law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights away, which as aforementioned above, are not about home protection or hunting, but instead tyrannical governments and their despotic leaders who are guilty of much bigger mass murders.

How we arm the schools is debatable, whether it’s teachers, faculty, a police presence or some combination, arming them is a must. Leaving them as Gun Free Zones is an unacceptable liberal utopian nightmare waiting to happen.

So you go ahead and March for Gun Control Farquhar, while I and others who believe in our Constitution and understanding of history, work to defeat you and the candidates you support who will violate it.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs

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