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David Ihde: Turn to the roundabout for traffic control

In response to the article about a new roundabout by The Steamboat Grand, I say great idea but don’t stop there. You also need to build tunnels underneath the roads in four areas for public safety as that area is a ticking time bomb for a pedestrian tragedy.

As a professional driver for many years here, I can tell you that it's a miracle no one has been run over trying to get across the road, especially when the roads are icy. In addition to public safety, it will also improve the traffic flow, which backs up while waiting for pedestrians to cross, especially at peak times or music festivals, making it an arduous task getting through that area.

Now back to the new roundabout, which again is a great idea, but you need at least three or four more. One at the intersection of Walton Creek Road and Whistler, one at the off ramp of U.S. Highway 40, one at the Loaf & Jug intersection, one at the intersection of Pine Grove Road and Mt. Werner Road, and most of all, one at the intersection of Oak Street, Fish Creek Roadand Third Street as that backs up onto U.S. 40 during peak times when the lead cars are having a standoff as to whose turn it is at the stop signs.

It’s time to get rid of the archaic traffic lights and stop signs and turn to the roundabout as the main traffic control. If Vail can do it, so can we.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs