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David Ihde: Spillane letter had it backwards

In response to Nancy Spillane’s letter on Tuesday, Aug. 1 concerning the representation of the people by Cory Gardner on Obamacare, she has it backwards.

According to the polls Nancy cites, we are to believe that after raucous Town Hall meetings in 2009 decrying the federal government’s attempt to interfere with our healthcare by the passage of the ACA, the shellacking the Democrats took in the 2010 elections because of its passage followed by the taking of the Senate in 2014 and the Presidency in 2016 all on the promise to repeal Obamacare that now the American people don’t want to?

Only if you are polling mostly liberal Democrats compared to Republicans and others which many of these polls have proven to be the case.

Can you spell scam? The same scam that pushed through Obamacare in the first pace with all of its lies and was designed to fail so they can usher in the biggest scam of all —namely single-payer healthcare, which will be nothing short of the biggest corporate welfare program in history.

Make no mistake, the only groups that are pushing for this are big government and its liberal progressive supporters and big business.

Our Founders never intended for such power and control to be concentrated in the federal government and that is why healthcare is not mentioned in the constitution and thus is a state issue per the 10th Amendment. If you think they will stop there, you have another thing coming.

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The road to serfdom is replete with many examples of countries trading their freedoms for safety and security. Therefore this needs to be repealed back to the states permanently and anything short of that would not be representing the people of Colorado as that is how Cory Gardner got elected by the voters who, by the way, rejected single-payer healthcare overwhelmingly 79 percent to 20 percent in the last election. This despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won the state.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs

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