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David Ihde: Global warming is old news

In addressing the mass hysteria on climate change pushed by liberals like Brodie Farquhar, I would remind them, if they don’t already know, that climate change is as old as the universe itself, and global warming has been around since the last Ice Age, which is to say 11,000 plus years and counting. You should be glad. We could have been frozen stiff a long time ago.

It’s funny to watch all the rich liberals and Hollywood types pontificate about this while flying around in their jet fuel-guzzling planes, gas-guzzling cars and building huge homes with large carbon footprints on or near the very water they say will engulf them as the poster child on climate change Al Gore has been doing for decades, while telling everyone else how to live and what must be done. Usually, by force, I might add.

While this summer has been warm in Steamboat, it has been nowhere near as hot as 2002, where the temperatures were hitting 100 degrees, the grasshoppers ate everything in sight, and it didn’t cool off until midnight. And in the not too distant past, we had record or near record rainfalls in the summer.

It also wasn’t that long ago that the schools had to close because it was too cold to start the school buses. Weather changes, droughts come and go. That’s the way it has been forever.

As for the 97 percent of the scientists who agree on manmade global warming and now the more P.C. climate change, they disagree as to the extent. Some say man is mostly to blame, others say not so much. As one who has shuttled tourists and conference goers to and from Steamboat and Hayden for many years, I have had the privilege to meet another side of the scientific community, namely astrophysicists. Upon asking them about global warming, instead of pointing to the coal-fired power plant at the end of the runway, they pointed to the sun.

And there are a number of Russian scientists, who a number of years ago, predicted we would start heading back to global cooling in 2015. I guess the Russians are interfering with this narrative, too. Oh well, so much for the 97 percent, which was always a complicated number if not downright wrong.

But no worries, at the end of the end of the day to end all days, as we learned in third grade, the sun will flame out, and the earth will become your dream landscape and utopia of solid ice. But will liberals finally be happy? I doubt it, unless they are ski racers.

David Ihde

Steamboat Springs

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