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Dave Peregoy: It’s time for Congress to do their jobs

On May 4 our Congressional Representative Scott Tipton voted with the other Republicans in the House​ to pass their version of a healthcare plan that at the time was shown to be wildly unpopular. In fact our president recently called the house plan “mean.”

Within hours of the vote, Congressman Tipton and his colleagues took a field trip to the White House Rose Garden to celebrate passing their measure with the President. Now that we have the CBO numbers that Congressman Tipton did not wait for, we can see just how this plan will affect us.

Basically, those age 50 to 64 and anyone with any pre-existing condition will pay vastly more under this version of healthcare, not to mention the estimated 23 million that could lose healthcare coverage all together. All of this along with a tax cut for the wealthy.

Kind of makes one wonder exactly what Mr. Tipton and the House Republicans were celebrating. Now, the Republican healthcare plan is in the hands of the Senate and specifically Colorado Senator Gardner. He is one of 13 men and zero women who are in the working group tasked with writing the Senate version of a health care bill completely behind closed doors without any hearings or input from anyone.

Let's not let the Senate pass just another 'mean' version of healthcare legislation.
Dave Peregoy

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I would like to remind Senator Gardner that while any number of lobbyists from health insurance and pharmaceutical companies may contribute money to his re-election campaign that he represents us, his constituents, not them.

On the other side of the aisle is Senator Bennet and the Democrats. I would advise Senator Bennet that this would be a good time for the Democrats in the Senate to speak up and attempt to participate in this process so that both political sides are represented.

If no Democrats are allowed to participate in this process, then they should make their ideas known through the media if necessary.

The Republican ploy of saying that they were working on a plan of their own for the past seven years has been proven to be not only false but put them in the position of having to come up with a rushed plan that many members of Congress said had no chance of passing, even as it was being passed.

Congressman Tipton already sold us out, let’s demand better from Colorado Senators Bennet and Gardner, after all they work for us, not the lobbyists.

No matter your political persuasion, I would hope we can all agree that it’s time for Congress to stop the petty partisan politics and actually do their jobs. Passing a fair healthcare bill would be a good place to start. Let’s not let the Senate pass just another “mean” version of healthcare legislation.

If you agree, please contact Senators Bennet and Gardner at 202-224-5852 and 202-224-5941 respectively. Remember that if they don’t hear from us they’re already hearing from their lobbyists, let’s see who wins.

Dave Peregoy