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Dave Moloney: ‘Bipartisan’ representation

Throughout the past month or so, our current state representative has been meeting with constituents and providing commentary to the local paper. I have read the articles and attended two of these recent meetings — one with the Routt County Board of Commissioners and one with the Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors. In both of these meetings, Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush touted her bipartisan achievements and her effectiveness as a legislator. I have to take exception with the picture that Mitsch Bush is painting of her "legislative accomplishments."

Sure, she got bipartisan support for her Colorado Avalanche Information Center and oil spill reporting bills. Those aren't overly controversial. The funny thing is that not once did she mention her extremely partisan votes to raise utility costs for rural Coloradans; her support of gun laws that have done nothing to make us safer and have driven jobs from Colorado; or her co-sponsorship of Senate Bill 13-213, which would have led to the largest tax increase in Colorado history had Amendment 66 not been rejected by an overwhelming majority of Colorado voters last fall. 

The reality is that there are partisan issues that affect each of us here in House District 26, issues that affect our constitutional rights and freedoms, our jobs and economy and our quality of life. Rep. Mitsch Busch has a clear voting record of supporting legislation that increases the size of government, attacks our freedom, raises our taxes and hurts the Colorado economy. 

It isn't hard to understand why she avoids talking about these "accomplishments" when she is back home in our district. But don't just take my word for it. The Colorado Union of Taxpayers gave Diane a rating of 9.8 out of 100 based on her record regarding taxes. PrinciplesofLiberty.

org gave her an F rating based on her stance on issues related to fiscal responsibility, protection of property rights, free markets and individual liberties.

We need a representative who will fight for us down in Denver. Unfortunately, what we have right now is someone who seems more interested in supporting the goals of special interest groups than those of her constituents.

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