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Dave Lambeth: Tipton’s health care voting record hurts Coloradoans

Rep. Scott Tipton does not represent the citizens of District 3. His voting record tells us that he says one thing and does another.

In January, Tipton claimed he was fighting opioid and heroin addiction. Then he voted against the Affordable Care Act, which provided funding for this.

He voted “yes” on the American Health Care Act of 2017 that repealed a rule requiring state and local governments to distribute federal funds to qualified health care centers — the same centers that serve patients with addictions. He voted for the GOP Health Care Bill, which would have taken away health care insurance from one in five Americans.

Tipton voted “yes” on the Ryan budget, which cuts $4 trillion in revenue over the next 10 years, while giving the wealthiest few $1 trillion in tax breaks. To offset this massive tax cut, he plans to cut Medicare and Medicaid. He has favored gutting program after program to give tax cuts to the wealthy, while throwing seniors into the health care abyss. Instead of guaranteeing seniors Medicare coverage for a fixed set of benefits, Tipton’s plan would give seniors a voucher that says in effect, “Go buy your health insurance with this. But if your insurance costs more (and it will), tough luck. You’re on your own.”

Tipton promised to “drain the swamp,” and he had an opportunity to do so in his new health care bill. Instead, his bill protects the swamp creatures — drug companies and hospitals will continue to reap huge profits, while ordinary Americans drown in medical bills. His health care bill fails to provide coverage for Colorado citizens who need it most.

Tipton supports the corporate institutions that contribute to his campaigns, while ignoring the average citizen. Explore who his supporters are. That’s why he’s beholden to corporations and not to you or me; he certainly he does not support health care for all Coloradoans.

Tipton, your constituents know that you say one thing and do another. You can’t hide from the facts. November is coming.

Dave Lambeth

Steamboat Springs

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