Data Sense: Routt County’s top 10 employers |

Data Sense: Routt County’s top 10 employers

Kate Nowak/For the Steamboat Today

Kate Nowak

A recent report released by Yampa Valley Data Partners indicates the top 10 employers in Routt County account for 22 percent of all county jobs. The report details each top employers' number of jobs as percentages of the top 10 and the total number of jobs in the county. Further classification into industry sectors helps to see our top industry employment.

The report lists the top-10 employers in two categories: the largest number of full-time jobs, which gives us an idea of the breadth of employment in the year-round organization, and the largest number of all jobs (including full time, part time, seasonal, per diem, on call and regular independent contractors), which will tells us how many people from the Yampa Valley the companies employ throughout the year.

It's no surprise that Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. employs the highest number of people during the winter and also is one of the top-10 employers in Routt County throughout the year. Ski Corp. accounts for 39 percent of jobs among top-10 employers when in season. When Ski Corp. is combined with other top-10 tourism-based companies, the jobs' impact to the total county figure is 12 percent, or 2,555 jobs.

Here are some interesting findings:

■ The most recent jobs data from Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade's Economic Modeling Specialists International reports the total number of 2012 jobs to be 7,512 and 20,841 in Moffat and Routt counties, respectively. This includes full-time and part-time jobs.

■ Routt County's top-10 employers supported 4,549 of 20,841 jobs, or 22 percent of the total jobs in the county.

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■ Moffat County's top-10 employers supported 2,255 of 7,512 jobs, or 30 percent of the total jobs in the county.

■ Routt County has more fluctuation in employment with a 50 percent increase in part-time and seasonal employees during the winter. Moffat has a 15 percent increase in employment seasonally.

■ The top-10 employers fall into five industry groups: recreation and tourism, public (county, city, K-12 schools), health care and energy in Routt County; and energy, education, public (county, city), retail and health care in Moffat County.

For the complete report, visit and check the "what's new" box.

Kate Nowak is the executive director for Yampa Valley Data Partners and has lived in the Yampa Valley for 16 years. She can be reached at