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Darryl Glenn: Dedicated to restoring the American dream

Coloradans often ask me why I‘m running for the U.S. Senate. The answer is simple: I have two daughters, and I worry about their futures and the futures of their children.

It seems like the American dream is slipping away. But I believe we have a moral responsibility to leave this country better for our kids than the way we inherited it from our parents. With a national debt that’s nearly doubled in the last eight years, high-paying jobs leaving our state, a broken education system and the growing threat of radical Islam at home and abroad, I honestly don’t think we’re on the path to doing that.

And if you want to know why we’re not in a position to leave America better for our children and grandchildren, you need look no further than the policies of the Obama Administration supported at every turn by Senator Michael Bennet.

Ask yourself: do you feel safer with ISIS on the rise and with Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, armed with the cash it needs to finance its nuclear ambitions? Do you have access to high quality healthcare at affordable premiums? Are the same well-paying jobs still available in your community? Are you happy with the quality of education your children are receiving, with the countless standardized tests they’re subject to?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then Michael Bennet has to go.

It was Senator Bennet who was the deciding vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal, and he recently told the Denver Post that he thinks “the deal is going well.”

I wonder if he still thinks it’s going well, as news broke this week that the administration agreed to lift the sanctions on two of the largest Iranian banks and transfer millions in cash for the release of Americans — all on the same day. But we have yet to hear anything from Senator Bennet condemning the ransom payments and apologizing for voting for this dangerous, deadly deal.

It’s Senator Bennet who, if given the chance to vote for ObamaCare, would do so again. Consider that ObamaCare has been even worse here in Colorado than in most places — we have more than 250,000 families who have lost their coverage, and it’s going to cost us $1.4 trillion over next four decades. But Senator Bennet still says he’d vote for it. He just never learns.

Coloradans deserve better. You deserve someone who has served this country, and as a result, understands that you never negotiate with terrorists. You deserve a senator who will fight to repeal ObamaCare and bring more healthcare options back to Colorado. You deserve a senator who visits the Western Slope and hears about the devastating impact Washington’s policies have had on the coal industry. You deserve a senator who recognizes that you know better than Washington bureaucrats how to educate your children.

Moreover, you deserve a senator who will listen to you, someone who will travel the state — from Lamar to Cortez to Steamboat Springs and everywhere in between. That’s what I’ve done this campaign and what I will continue to do as your next U.S. senator.

I’ll never forget that I’m in Washington to represent you and your families. It’s time for us to correct the path we’re on and once again make the American dream a reality for our children and grandchildren.

Republican Darryl Glenn is running for U.S. Senate to represent Colorado.

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